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What's in a quote?

When you call a locksmith, or any other professional trade for that matter, what does the price that you're quoted really consist of? I guess what I'm trying to say is, make sure that you are comparing apples to apples.

We have had many calls regarding pricing over the years. One thing we've noticed is that there seems to be quite a spread in the quoted prices that customers are receiving. We always try to look out for the customer, whether or not we win the job, and advise them to make sure the quote is for the "whole" job. I believe that sometimes the caller only gets quoted the actual work, but not other charges that may come into play, such as a trip charge or even labor.

Let's say that we quoted you $100 for a particular job and another locksmith quoted you $50. I'm sure you'd jump at the $50 savings; who wouldn't? But then the other guy arrives, performs the work, and gives you a bill for $100! What gives?

Well, the other guy may have quoted you $50 for the service, but did not tell you there was a $50 trip charge. This may not be intentional deception, but it would seem suspicious. You ended up paying the same as you would have with us, but how would you feel afterward? Also, there can be a big difference in pricing from one company to the next, so this scenario could have played out much worse.

Remember, whether you call us or the other guy, make sure that each company gives you a quote for the exact same things!

Good Luck!

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