Secure Your Sliding Glass Door

Your sliding glass doors are easily one of the easiest entry points for any criminal to gain access to your home. Sliding doors locks that are part of the door itself are easily unlocked by even the most amateur burglar and the doors themselves can easily be lifted off their tracks, allowing access to your home in a matter of seconds.

But there is a defense! The CAL Double-Bolt Lock installed by the professional at Lock It Up! The CAL Double-Bolt Lock works by securing the door to the frame at 2 security points and preventing any movement of the door. With its double locking action the CAL Double-Bolt Lock makes it virtually impossible to remove the door by lifting it off its track. 

The CAL double bolt lock can be used as a secondary or primary locking system on glass sliding doors. The lock can be mounted above the OEM lock to be out of children's reach or below the OEM lock to be within children's reach.

Lock It Up Mobile Locksmith Service is now offering this extra measure of security for your home at just $56 per lock, installed*! So call Lock It Up today at 352-360-0300 and get yours installed today.

*Service Call Fee & Sales Tax Extra Where Applicable.

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