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Can I get keys and remotes from eBay?

I am often called about cutting and programming keys and remotes purchased from online sources. For this article I will just use the term “keys”, but remotes have the same issues. People often don’t like the response given when asked. There are many, many key sellers online and they are not all created equal. The old adage that “If it sounds too good to be true…” is the best advice I can give you.

Many times the keys sold online are much cheaper than those sold by locksmiths and the dealer. There a few reasons for this. Many of these keys are produced by Chinese companies and are very inexpensive. The problems are quality and reliability. The Chinese are known for copying just about everything out there. There are mixed results when it comes the quality of the products. Many of these keys are made from inferior products. Over time, sometimes a very short time, the plastics will break, the metal in the keys can be too brittle, even the transponder chips have been known to fail.

When I’m asked to cut and program these, I will do it, but I collect the fees up front and DO NOT guarantee them to even work. Why do I do this? First, you are paying for my time. As an expert in the field, my time is valuable and I can’t afford to spend time working without getting paid. I guarantee the products that I use. I have a relationship with my suppliers that allows me to do so. If I supply a product and the product fails to perform as it should, I stand behind that product and will get a replacement that will work, at no cost to you. If your internet purchase doesn’t work, you may have trouble getting a replacement and quite often, the seller will put the blame on the locksmith as this is the easiest thing to do. There is no face-to-face contact so many times, the sellers don’t care. All of my time has to be as productive as possible. If your internet key doesn’t work, I cannot be responsible for that.

Second, the equipment used to do this type of work is expensive to buy and maintain. Each job has to pay in order to be able to afford the equipment, and training needed to do this work. If I can’t buy and maintain the equipment, your options for key replacement are greatly reduced. You’d have to see another locksmith or go straight to the dealer.

At Lock It Up we use high quality products and in most cases the car keys are made by the companies who produce them for the dealers. It may cost a little more to buy the materials from the locksmith but you are guaranteed a better product and a working product. Think about this the next time you’re quoted a price of say, $75, and you can buy the key online for $8.99. So contact us today for any help you may need with your car keys!

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